Mario Kart Time Trials

This year, Linn-Mar will be participating in the IAHSEA Mario Kart Time Trials! Each week the IAHSEA will pick a random track and students and faculty/staff will race to see who can complete the race the fastest! There will be two leagues, student and faculty/staff.

The full game manual can be read here.

Each Wednesday from 4 to 5 you can stop by the Learning Center and try out the week’s track. The track will be announced every Sunday night around 7 pm to give you a few days of practice.


The full list of rules can be found in the game manual above.

  1. The race must be done on a Nintendo Switch.
    • You can use the JoyCons, Pro Controllers (or an off brand), GameCube Controllers (or off brand).
    • The controller may not be post-manufacturing programmable or be able to host macros.
  2. Game Settings
    • Single Player Time Trial
    • Any combination of racer and vehicle
    • No Auto-Driving or Auto-Forward
    • 150 cc
  3. Hacking, Ghosting, Stream Cheating or auto-driving: Any type of use of an illegal 3rd party program or map hack, stream cheating, or other activity that leads to one player or team gaining an unfair advantage will follow the guidelines as laid out in the Expectations Documents, based on the offender.

Score Submission

  1. To submit your scores for the Weekly Time Trials you must be in good standing with the IAHSEA and Linn-Mar Esports. Linn-Mar’s Esports Varsity participation includes having a C in all your classes.
    • You are allowed to compete every week but only your top time will be submitted.
  2. Students & Faculty / Staff are allowed to submit scores from an off-campus location. You can only submit scores for races you complete.
    • If you are submitting your scores from off-campus, scores must be emailed to Mr. Johnson ( by Thursday night of the week by Midnight. Mr. Johnson will submit scores for all participants
    • If you are submitting an off-campus score you must have a photo with the following in it:
      • Your face
      • The screen that shows the time of the course
      • The Nintendo switch.
    • You will need to have a media release on file with Linn-Mar Esports. Photos you submit can be used by the IAHSEA.
  3. The top 10 times will be submitted each week, but every time submitted will be listed here on the website.