Join Linn-Mar Esports!

The Linn-Mar Esports has two components to it, Club and Varsity/JV Play.

If you are interested in joining Linn-Mar Esports please fill out this form and we will share the Discord channel information with you. You must be signed into your Linn-Mar student account to access the form.

Club Play

Any student at Linn-Mar high school may join for the Club Play. Club play is for anyone who loves video games and esports. We are planning for tournaments & general open club play once it is safe to do so. There are no requirements for Club play other than our general club play behavior requirements.


JV/Varsity play takes club play to the next level. The JV/Varsity teams for each game must try out to earn a spot on the teams. JV/Varsity teams play scheduled matches as part of the in the Iowa High School Esport Association (IHSEA) against other JV/Varsity Teams in Iowa.

JV/Varsity players must maintain a C Average in all their classes, must attend all practices and sanctioned matches or risk being removed from the team.

More than just playing games

While we all love playing games, maybe you also have interests in shoutcasting or marketing. The club is also looking for those students who want to help us advertise the club or are willing to shoutcast our live streams.